My friend Christos.

My friend, sometimes, I just want to apologise

Not for my actions, but for my past

For me; as part of the community, that brought you down for years

Life gave me insights; Insights, I wish could have when I was younger.


My friend, life for you was an indescribable pain

And what we did? We just watched 

Watching domestic violence, feeling the bitter side of life

Witnessing fathers proudly ignorant, mothers neglecting hugs.


My friend, now we are grown men

Each of us with scars that are never shown to the world.

My secret wish, to hug you and say I’m sorry, my friend

Sorry for the society of deaf that raised us to be ‘’tough’’.


My friend, I know what you’ve witnessed 

I’ve heard the rumors, I’ve seen it with my eyes & you were only child

When you needed us, the most, we failed you

Your pain is my pain, but none of my tears can give your childhood back.

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