Photo by Alex Fu on Pexels.com

I want to leave a legacy for the fools of this world.
For the ones that they’re destined for walking but they had to run.
Always in a hurry because the heavy old bus of survival is coming behind them.
So fast that they can’t stop, just quick looks on the windows watching their messy reflection.

Sometimes a sharp breath if they’re lucky & then start running again.
I want to leave a legacy to them but I forgot I’m in the same race.

The cheaper the shoes you’re given the faster you must run to survive.
The seats on the bus were already taken generations ago.
The ‘’old’’ passengers, they call them.
The few lucky ones that went in accidentally, got used to it & now are depressed.

I want to leave something behind me but the bus is coming faster than ever.
The thirst for life is creating illusions & fake hopes.
Runners all around me just want to get into the bus and I feel so isolated.
I don’t wish for a front row seat ticket, it’s simpler, I just wish for once we stop competing.

The End.

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