Taking over.


You smoked for years with no regret

You eat fast and greedy, like a starved homeless

But you are not one of them, you are an employee

And you hate the filthy and the damned. 


Your fridge is full because you are afraid constantly

You try to find ways to fill the abyss

Afraid of the void, it scares you.

The emptiness, the silence, the death itself.


You fear losing your imaginary immortality

You fear illnesses

You call yourself normal 

But you are the alienated one.


I do not hear what they say 

I am quarantined from the ‘’many’’ long time now

Your society makes me want to vomit truth 

In your beautiful fake cakes.


Cakes baked

presented as a gift

A gesture of love from the rapist to the victim.

-The end-
Thank you for reading my poem.
Most of my poems are ideas born from inspirational musicians. When I write I get inspired by their music and lyrics.

You can listen the sound of this poem below:

Support the artist : http://www.nofxofficialwebsite.com/

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