I am flying to the sun

and I am wondering about the cold life I leave behind.

Are we damned to always run in this never ending wheel?

Why, the nights I like to drink the most, are the empty ones?

Why, the most depressing mornings are the ones coming from yesterday’s parties ? 

Are we just machines operating to reaching meaningless goals?

Is it meaning, the lubricant of our robotic nature?

They suggest to construct the meaning that serves you

but how can you teach a kid to believe again in Santa Claus 

when is already aware that he doesn’t exist?

The nights that reality kicks in,

I hold my glass high.

I drink to the cruelness and the absence of meaning of this universe.


living on a spinning blue round planet,

lost somewhere in the universe,

searching for meaning. 


-The end-


Thank you for reading my poem.

Most of my poems are ideas born from inspirational musicians. When I write I get inspired by their music and lyrics.

You can listen the sound of this poem below:

Support the artist: https://vicband.bandcamp.com/

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