Bloody smile.

Edward Norton – Fight Club

Too drunk to go to sleep,

too tired to stay awake.


The pain seems real tonight.


I was shadow boxing with life today,

she had fast moves and punches surprisingly well.


A strong left jab in the jaw,

brings me to my knees, laughing off the extreme pain.


Blood on my smile,

scares the people who paid ”ticket” to see me.


In this arena tonight,

I am laughing in the face of humiliation & destruction.


In this arena tonight,

I face my demons and I am losing again,

but keep fighting a whisper said to my soul.

‘’Keep fighting my son’’ .


There is a charm standing up again,

even if it is to get beaten once more.

There is a raw power when you have nothing to lose anymore,

and my scars, seem now integrity awards of a fight destined to be lost.

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