The power of the noise.

The white sound of a broken TV.

The millions of meaningless content just for attention.

Videos that generated from AI readers.

The war on catching eyeballs.

The sugar coating of an existence dedicated to serve pleasure.

Listen the Gurus! They know!

Stop the voices that do not serve us. Shut them up!

Make powerful friends, survive, SURVIVE! Be a fucking Lion! Eat your competitors!

Eat the world with a spoon! Piss on them from your leased helicopter.

Your father, ”Toughen up” he always said…

”Go out there and fuck the world!”

It always comes back at you though… as a bad dream’s cold sweat in the middle of the night.

For the clear eyes you have years to see.

For the voices you muted.

The clouds you put intentionally in the truth’s sky, has hidden the sun for years.

We became shadows of your dreams.

We became ghosts in your ambitious agenda.

We became the ones who die to be alive.

Leave us as we are.

In this world we do not exist.

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