The oldman in Patras square.

Some people say they love you

with their own way.

It does not seem obvious,

love itself is not obvious.

Sometimes it may take decades to say a thank you,

our minds play tricks.

For the times you acted weird thank you.

I get it now a little, at last.

For the happy times you were sun itself

for the miserable times a walking dead.

So much love for your kindness

and hate for your stubbornness.

Love for your openness

hate for your selfishness.

It is not you,

It is the world man,

It is the world we live in

and you still have not figured out

and I still have not figured out.

Help me to help you.

Love me to love you,

at least for once,

before the clock stops working,

there are not that many bridges left.

goodnight old man,

wish every morning finds you strong.

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