One tree in Vondelpark.

If you wanted to be something

if you have ever dreamed to be something else

except human.

What would that be?

What is the one thing?

The one you know is weird and could not tell to anyone?

Don’t you dream to be something else?

I am not one of those to judge.

Babe, you do not understand me. Listen.

It is not for the regrets,

it is about the curiosity

it is not for the desire,

it is about the expansion,

for the eternity.

you want to hear mine? there it is,

I would like to become a tree, thick roots

squirrels and birds all over me

I am their house and I am tall enough to have a nice view


people may walk their dogs and piss on me

maybe a fire could destroy me in minutes

but I am going to be a tree,

tall and proud, silent

not happy, not sad

not hoping,

just being,

proud of just being a tree,

name one better reason

anyone to be proud of.

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