You know…

the tavern philosopher

You know…

My life has been nothing like small victories into mediocrity

It has been a forced laugh in the sad lives of my people

Small victories in bombarded field

My heart injured and blue

Heavy as 100 tons in my chest

The sadness of survival flying above our heads

In a ‘’wannabe’’ humanistic environment


I once was in love and light

I tried to fool myself like i am someone else

We are born in a black hole

With a name of a small city

With the ego of a giant

And the personality of an ant

Look… i fooled myself for years

But now i feel it babe

It’s coming

And its not pretty

It is messed up

Born from the guts of truth

Rare pure truth

Fucking ugly as hell

Look at me now running

Running from myself

….But I am tired you know

I am 32 smoker and out of breath

Is coming babe…

I feel it when i sleep

I feel it when I am around people

It is there in the corner

In the eyes of the stranger

Can you see it ??????

I am seeing it…

It watches me

It is coming…

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