City lights.

Chandler looking at city lights on a rainy day. (F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Season 4)

Like a warm stream of air crossing from her smile to your heart,

while making blind ourselves to the melancholy that is never going to last.

Our world painted by the color of love and hurt.

Watching the dream unfold in front of us, right before we wake up.

As we were dreaming,

we knew we were soon to wake up

As we were dreaming,

we felt the light of the day in our shut eyes,

we felt the time is running out…

the time to wake up has come and but we were in denial.

The world, gosh, so complex that we can only,

fool ourselves that is perfect for a while.

We try to close a moment in a jar, perfect as it was.

But we know…deep down

and without thinking it, again, we know…

we know that is not going to last.

We try to make little moments last forever,

without understanding the wild beauty of impermanence.

Days after, late at night in a cold house,

rain painting teardrops in the window,

watching the city lights…remembering words…

That words, from one night watching the city from the highest point.

As we were having this amazing peaceful view..

‘’One day’’ you said, ‘’many years from now, imagine..

one of us going to visit this city again,

and passing by this exact spot we are sitting right now…

will remember of two young people watching it late at night back then,

it will be years later and we will have different lives

But we always have this moment, this memory of a dream we lived.’’

…and years after, late at night in a cold house, 

rain painting teardrops in my window,

watching the city lights…

remembering words…

writing words…

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