My friend Christos.

My friend, sometimes, I just want to apologise Not for my actions, but for my past For me; as part of the community, that brought you down for years Life gave me insights; Insights, I wish could have when I was younger. My friend, life for you was an indescribable pain And what we did? … Continue reading My friend Christos.

A Netflix story.

Photo by Burak K on In this culture diet, at night, I consume art with bulimia. I am searching for truth in media, like a junkie searches food in a garbage bin. My creative juices; sold in an unholy agreement to a thirsty capitalist. The door is open; but I haven't learned to walk … Continue reading A Netflix story.

The night we watched the stars falling.

Photo by Roman Gruchow on In another woman's hands. Yesterday, I watched the stars.  Felt the purity of childhood once again, Felt as virtue of mature men. Glad to see your eyes in the sky, Missed your face, it’s been a while. Strange feeling, deep as roots, As the falling star, in sky fire … Continue reading The night we watched the stars falling.